Ivorhod Walters artist biography

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A Jamaican based fine artist, born July 19th 2000, Ivorhod Walters, who is originally from the parish of Hanover but currently resides in St.james for the past 7 years. He attended Rusea’s High School where he was mentored by art teacher Kirkland Clarke who helped him hone his artistic abilities. He subsequently obtained a distinction in Cape Art in 2019 and 2020. Ivorhod enjoys experimenting with different media and techniques including: painting, drawing, sculpting, taking photographs, and Doing textiles. While he explores wide variety of subject matter in his drawings he has a preference for portraits because of the innate challenges that subject offers artists. He uses all medium to bring across the effectiveness of his message(s) in his work. 

Ivorhod has been a finalist in the art competition hosted by the Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ) and he also achieved 3rd place at the Mandeville Art fair. His work was also exhibited in the second staging of the National Gallery West ‘Due West’ competition in 2020.