A Jamaican based fine artist, born July 19th 2000, Ivorhod Walters, who is originally from the parish of Hanover but currently resides in St.james for the past 7 years. He attended Rusea’s High School where he was mentored by art teacher Kirkland... read more
Amidst the lockdown as a result of the Coronavirus throughout the Caribbean region, Jamaican-born, Trinidad based celebrity photographer Marlon James has a launched a new website to boost his presence online.   Marlon James a graduate of... read more
Right now is a stressful time to be a creative. In a time when so many around the world are deeply affected, creative professionals face special challenges: live shows are being canceled, craft fairs, events, and conferences are being postponed, and... read more
I have a painting by Jamaican artist Eric Smith. It's a portrait of a young girl dressed in green with a green wrap upon her head. I would like to find out more information about this painting. I found other pieces by him online but could not find... read more
This will be a fun kids event hosted by KozyKorner bookshop and Jamaican Childrens Author, Jean Hawthorn-DaCosta. Children will be engaged in Jamaican Folk songs with Jamaican singer Charmaine Limonius and learn to draw their own character with... read more