Jamaican Artists

Dawn Scott was an artist whose creative spirit knew no bounds, although she exhibited professionally, her art was not been confined to museums and galleries, instead her works can be found throughout all walks of life in restaurants, shops, offices... read more
Returning from her studies in Europe, Kay Sullivan’s sculptures came to prominence in the 1970’s at a time when public sculpture was in demand. Skilled in many different media such as resin, fiberglas and bronze, her understanding of the human form... read more
Born in Trout Hall, Clarendon in 1924, Tabois was raised in Rock River. He got his work ethic was from his mother, who insisted he take his education seriously. Teachers recognised his ability from an early age and encouraged him. Tabois taught... read more
Specializing in painting, Samere Tansley was trained at art college’s in the UK and came to Jamaica in 1970. She had been a teacher in London and continued in that profession at Camperdown High School for ten years and part-time for fifteen years at... read more
Phillip Thomas (b.1980) is a graduate of the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts where he gained both a certificate and diploma in Painting with honours (2003). He currently lives and studies in New York but continues to exhibit in... read more
Born in Kingston, Osmond Watson was a graduate of one of the first teaching programmes created by Edna Manley at the Jamaica School of Art and Crafts. In 1961, disappointed at the failure of plans for a West Indian Federation, he decided to travel... read more
After graduating from Ruseas High School in Hanover, Stanford Watson came to study at the Jamaica School of Art in 1979. He enjoyed his exposure to different art forms and the tuition he gained from teachers like Arthur Coppege, Hedy Buzan, Eric... read more