Jamaican Artist

Stanford Watson


After graduating from Ruseas High School in Hanover, Stanford Watson came to study at the Jamaica School of Art in 1979. He enjoyed his exposure to different art forms and the tuition he gained from teachers like Arthur Coppege, Hedy Buzan, Eric Cadien and Cecil Cooper. He chose to specialise in painting and soon developed an expressive style that mirrored the restless mood of the early eighties. His friendships with fellow students such as African/Omari Ra, Douglas Wallace/Kalfani Ra and Valentine Fairclough among others stimulated his interest in the political, economic and social concerns that fed his work. After graduating he quickly established himself as a serious painter by exhibiting widely in Jamaica and international exhibitions. His work was sought after by many private collectors as well as the National Gallery of Jamaica who responded positively to his maturing wit and biting social commentary . In addition to his painting, Watson has also proved himself to be a stalwart teacher, he now working for the Multicare Foundation’s outreach programme, travelling and teaching extensively in the country parts of Jamaica. More recently he has pursued these social concerns and study in the USA.