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While Haitan-born trapper and merchant, Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable, is often called the “Founder of Chicago,” Jamaican Ephraim Martin, want to honour the memory of his fellow West Indian even further.

Martin, founder of the International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), recently started a campaign, calling for the installation of a 25-foot monument of the Haitian by 2021. The monument would join the school, park, museum, harbour and bridge that have been named in honour of the pioneer. 

“Some may already know that Du Sable was the first settler to discover and establish a trading post in Chicago,” said Martin. “By virtue of his color and nationality, he has not been given full credit and recognition.” Martin hopes to raise the Pointe Du Sable’s profile globally, but particularly among residents of the city.

“There are massive monuments, major streets, holidays in honour of those who oppressed Blacks in America on display throughout the Chicagoland region,” said Martin. “Meaningful, public recognition for this outstanding black man...must also be recognized without question!”

Art Bytes

A 97 year old Jamaican is featured in Migrant Stories, an exhibition at the Market Gallery in Toronto, Canada.

Jamaican artist Garfield Morgan, who has done work for Panmedia, is one of the artist featured in When Big Man Talk, an exhibition that opens February 3 in Montreal at the Jamaica Association Arts

Before he died last year businessman Michael Campbell, founder of Island Car Rental, asked his close friend former Prime Minister P.J.

Former Prime Minister P J Patterson says it’s time for  The University of the West Indies, Mona to create a Faculty of the Creative Arts, with linkages to the Faculty of Humanities.

UK artist Joy Gregory, born of Jamaican parents, and the Whitechapel Gallery are recipients of the 2023 Freelands Award.

Get a final look at Ancestral Nourishment, curated and conceived by Seema Shakti Choudhary at the Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning located at 161-04 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, NY, United States, N