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Minister of Tourism the Hon. Edmund Bartlett says there are plans to open an Artisan Village at Hampden Wharf in Falmouth, Trelawny in a few weeks.

The themed facility will be designed to tell the unique story of Falmouth and offer Jamaicans and visitors a chance to experience local food, drink, art, craft and culture. It is expected to be the first of a series of similar facilities that will be located in resort areas across the island.

Funded by the Tourism Enhancement Fund, the project is training 175 practitioners in innovative craft development and effective leadership to equip them with the relevant skills to sustain their entrepreneurial business ventures.

The Artisan Village comes out of  a collaborative effort between the Port Authority of Jamaica and the Urban Development Corporation.

Art Bytes

Artists who are or are interested in working with, in, and around theatre for young audiences this is for you!

It's time to send in your artwork!

This month, Artsy features multi-media art by Jamaican artists Judith Salmon and Nadine Anderson-Cheng.

Jamaican artist Joy Gregory's works from ‘Cinderella Tours Europe’ and ‘Doll’ will be shown at the 9th Daegu Photo Biennale, a unique biennial that focuses solely on photography.

The Institute of Jamaica's museum spaces will be opened on the last Sunday of August! Come and enjoy an additional day of tours on Sunday, August 27th at the following museums:

The New Local Space's (NLS) Group Residency program has welcomed four new artists.