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Jamaican Environmental Filmmaker Esther Figueroa has curated the first Global Extraction Film Festival that streams online at from July 16-20, 2020, and is free worldwide. The project is being done in collaboration with Netherlands based Caribbean Creativity and is part of a movement to bring attention to old and new threats from global extraction.

The festival includes more than 100 documentaries and shorts focused on all regions of the world, with topics demonstrating the nature of global extraction and exploitation. It includes Fly Me To The Moon, Figueroa’s documentary about modernity and the global aluminium industry, and other award winning documentaries from grass-roots and international activist organizations and news outlets.

Art Bytes

Canadian based Jamaican visual artist Garfield Morgan interviewed iNSIDE his studio by Akeem Pierre-Johnson 



Jamaican Herb Robinson is one of 14 photographers in the Whitney Museum’s exhibition, Working Together: The Photographers of the Kamoinge Workshop. The show chronicles the early work o

Camille Chedda has won a Stay Home Artist Residency, a five-month program that supports 24 cultural practitioners, artists and creative entrepreneurs.

The Windrush generation is in vogue again. Now a walkway on the Tilbury Bridge that they used on arrival in the UK, has been turned into an art installation to honour them.

Unbroken, the docu-film based on amputee Laron Williamson’s attempt to qualify for the Jamaican Paralympic team, won Best Documentary Short Film at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival.

To commemorate the Windrush generation, Hackney will unveil two sculptures next year.