Jamaican Artists

Roy Reid was born in Portland, Jamaica in 1937. The son of farmers, he left school aged 11 unable to read. He moved to Kingston to start a career in art, and was closely associated with Jamaica’s Intuitives because of his self-taught background. He... read more
George Rodney (1936-) was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica. He watched the Vincent Van Gogh biopic Lust for Life, read the book and became consumed with the desire to go to the Jamaica School of Art and develop his talent. His tutor Kenneth Robertson... read more
Perhaps one of the most popular but least reviewed artists in Jamaica is  Herbie Rose. Jamaicans will know his paintings from seeing them in doctor's and dentist's waiting rooms while visitors will have seen them in hotel rooms... read more
Born in Accompong Jamaica, Namba Roy settled in South London after World War Two where he established himself as both a writer and artist. Despite migration, Namba Roy was always conscious of his Caribbean-African heritage especially the tradition... read more
Reuben began his earliest training under the guidance of the late Edna Manley initially at the DaCosta Institute that would eventually become the Jamaica School of Art. He would go on to specialise in printmaking, taught by visiting tutors as part... read more
  Born in 1980, Russell is a graduate of the Edna Manley College, Kingston Jamaica and Goldsmiths, University of London UK. Although based in  Kingston, as a recipient of a Commonwealth Scholarship she has traveled to Japan to pursue... read more
Born in Kingston, Stafford Schliefer is a self-taught artist who has been painting since he was 28. He first exhibited his work along hotel strips in Kingston and Montego Bay. Art critics noticed and soon his work found better accommodation. He... read more


Art Bytes

The National Gallery of Jamaica has resumed its innovative child art programme, Saturday Art Time. Active since September 2009, the programme consists of several gallery based art workshops for children age 8 to 15....

Sangster International Airport now features art exhibitions to give local and international artists and art programmes in Jamaican schools the opportunity to showcase their talent. The airport also exhibits...