John Powell in Toronto

John Powell is featured in the Art Brownie Annual Exhibition at Gallery 50 in Toronto, Canada. The exhibition opened August 9 and runs to August 31, and features miniature artworks created by artists on spruce blocks, each measures 2.5 x 2.5 inch square and 1.5 inch high.

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National Gallery of Jamaica

Free tours- Free admission 
View the Religion & spirituality Exhibition 
Musical Performance at 1:30PM: 
Samuele Vivian 
Visitors will have the opportunity to view Explorations II: Religion and Spirituality exhibition, which features sixty-eight works from the National Art Collection and explores the role of religion and spirituality in Jamaican culture and history. The artists featured include Osmond Watson, Edna Manley, Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds, Carl Abrahams, Everald and Clinton Brown, Renee Cox, Ebony G.

Jan 26 - Dec 28
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National Gallery of Jamaica
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National Gallery of Jamaica
12 Ocean Blvd, Block C, Kingston, , Kingston,
17° 57' 52.8048" N, 76° 47' 40.7616" W

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Art Cocktails Mix

The exhibition will feature the work of established artists from the MF&G Collection: Barrington Watson, Seya Parboosingh, Karl Parboosingh, Eugene Hyde, Kapo, Edna Manley, Milton George, Gene Pearson, Colin Garland, Hope Brooks, Norma Harrack, Fitz Harrack, Sidney McLaren, Carl Abrahams and more…in conversation with the work of emerging artists Leasho Johnson, Phillip Thomas, Deborah M. Carroll Anzinger, Marvin Bartley, Oneika Russell and Di-Andre C Davis.

Jul 25
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5th Floor Myers, Fletcher & Gordon
21 East Street, Kingston

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Remembering A.D. Scott

The UWI Museum is paying some attention to Scott’s legacy in an exhibition, June 16 – July 18, which highlights 15 paintings by some of the artists who benefited from Scott’s committed support of the arts in post-Independence Jamaica.

Jun 16 - Jul 18


UWI Museum , UWI Regional Headquarters, Kingston 7

Natural Gallery West Debuts

Montego Bay now has its own official art institution, National Gallery West, which will offer four exhibitions annually. At least one of those will be curated specifically for NGW, with the others related to Kingston exhibitions of the National Gallery of Jamaica. NGW’s inaugural exhibition from July 11 to August 31 is Religion and Spirituality in Jamaican Art, with works by Carl Abrahams, Osmond Watson, Edna Manley, Albert Artwell, Ebony Patterson and others.

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