SVA Lecturers Artist Talk

The Cage Gallery presents the first SVA Lecturers' Artist Talk for the Semester Thursday October 2, 2014 in the SVA Lecture Room @ 2:00 pm.

Presenting will be Jeffery Menzies on "The Tug of War Between Art & Craft - Life after art school."

The National Gallery of Jamaica has resumed Saturday Art Time

The National Gallery of Jamaica has resumed its innovative child art programme, Saturday Art Time. Active since September 2009, the programme consists of several gallery based art workshops for children age 8 to 15. Participants are taught drawing, painting, assemblage and collage. The workshops also provide an opportunity to learn more about Jamaican culture and history through the Gallery’s permanent collection exhibition.

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In Retrospect Featured Collections

The National Gallery’s current show In Retrospect: Forty Years of the National Gallery of Jamaica (August 31-October 26, 2014) features three of the institution’s most important collections: The A.D. Scott Collection, The Aaron and Marjorie Matalon Collection and The Guy McIntosh Collection. The retrospective shows a wide range of art from the NG’s Permanent Collection.

Art at the Airport

Sangster International Airport now features art exhibitions to give local and international artists and art programmes in Jamaican schools the opportunity to showcase their talent. The airport also exhibits historical displays that celebrate Jamaica's rich cultural heritage. With millions passing through annually, the airport has become a great showcase for Jamaican art.

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