Laura Facey's Sculptures at Devon House

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Fine Art Exhibition

View piece by: Hopeton Cargill, Mark Bell, Oneil Lewis, Clive Passley and host of others.


Upstairs Golden Happiness Restaurant
1 West Street, Port Antonio Portland

Laura Facey Radiant Earth on iBooks

Radiant Earth, a new interactive book by sculptor Laura Facey,is now available at iBooks. With 200 images, 5 videos and 17 audio clips, Radiant Earth represents tens years of Laura's work in prints and installations,and shows the artist working in her studio and talking about her creations. There is also an introduction essay by critic Edward Lucie Smith, in the 58 page book from Elizabeth Beecher Publishing. Click to see the trailer.

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Event Duration
National Gallery of Jamaica Jan 26, 2014 - Dec 28, 2014
Intuitives XXXIII Dec 28, 2014 - Jan 14, 2015
Jamaica Biennial 2014 Dec 07, 2014 - Mar 15, 2015
Jamaica Biennial 2014 (Devon House Exhibit) Dec 07, 2014 - Mar 15, 2015
Jamaica Biennial 2014 (National Gallery West) Dec 07, 2014 - Mar 15, 2015